What does GRS Management, Inc. do?

Property Management

.- Establish communication with homeowners.
.- Advise board of major problems or trends in maintenance service.
.- Obtain contractor’s required certificates of insurance to protect the association from claims for Workers Compensations and General Liability from uninsured contractors .
.- Review parking assignments and enforcement procedures.
.- Monitor adherence to Association’s building policies.
.- Weekly violation inspection.
.- Insurance renewal assistance.
.- Renewal of permits & licenses for the property to ensure the safety of the community and compliance with applicable governmental ordinances and statutes .
.- Annual/election meetings compliance with statutes.
.- Coordinate Grievance Committee.
.- All required meetings in accordance with the Association’s documents.
.- Provide 24-hour emergency service.
.- Other services available upon request.

Property Inspections

.- Electrical and lighting maintenance.
.- Landscape.
.- Elevator maintenance.
.- Common area water storage tank and boiler.
.- Amenities (i.e. pool, recreation room, exercise room).
.- HVAC system maintenance by the Association’s licensed services providers.
.- Plumbing.
.- Trash removal.

Financial Management

.- Setup bank accounts
.- Define charts of accounts
.- Daily bank deposit (free Lock-box).
.- Direct debit (ACH).
.- Monthly financial.
.- Monthly bills (Accounts Payable).
.- Bank reconciliation.
.- Year-end budget.
.- Year-end CPA report assistance.
.- Review and prepare payments to all vendors. (With Association approval.)
.- Prepare the Annual Budget.
.- Develop an investment plan for Reserve Fund.
.- Maintain Association records.
.- Prepare 1099s for IRS and assist the Association’s CPA for tax preparation and indepent Financial Statement review or audit.
.- Monthly collection notice preparation.
.- Review attorney reports for collection process.

Project Management

.- HVAC Mechanical Upgrades/Replacement.
.- Roof replacements.
.- Window Replacement.
.- Riser replacement project.
.- Energy Improvement Projects.
.- Lobby and Hallway Renovations.
.- Laundry Room Upgrades.
.- Community Landscaping Projects.
.- Community Pool Installations.
.- Community Tennis Court Replacements.
.- Amenity Room Upgrades.
.- Coordinate Architectural Review Committee.


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