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To submit a request

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All estoppels/questionnaires must include the billing name, property address, and unit number (if applicable). You must also include contact information (phone, fax, and/or email) in order for our office to return the completed form.

If no form is provided with payment, a standard form will be issued. If you later require an additional form to be filled out, an additional fee/payment must be provided.

If the request is received after 2:00 p.m., it will begin processing the next business day.

All estoppels are only valid for 30 days after completion. If a revision or a new estoppel is requested for the same property after 30 days, fees will apply (no refunds).

If the unit/home in question is in foreclosure, the certificate of title must be turned in with the estoppel/questionnaire form in order for it to be completed.

The fees for completing an estoppel/questionnaire are as follows:
$250.00 – Standard (10 business days)
$100.00 (Additional) – Expedite (3 business days)
To pay by credit card, complete and submit the form that appears below.